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WASP  in  Their  Own  Words

A Colorful, illustrated, comprehensive history book


"Including this page because we may be reprinting and making an edited electronic version available sometime in 2021!!!!!


WASP--IN THEIR OWN WORDS" is the most comprehensive, inspirational, ILLUSTRATED history book ever written about the WWII Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), the first women in history to fly America's military aircraft. The most compelling parts of "WASP--IN THEIR OWN WORDS" are the quotes from the WASP which are woven throughout the photographs copied from their personal scrapbooks'


          The completed manuscript includes:


                           Quotes and/or stories from 128 WASP

                           Over 200 pages of color graphics and photographs

                           WASP classbook headshots of each of the 1,102 WASP

                           17 page illustrated WASP WWII timeline

                            8 page comprehensive WWII WASP Glossary


This ultimate, illustrated history of the WASP is a graphic-rich journey into the lives of these inspirational, pioneering female pilots. It encompasses experiences from their first flights, to their entering Army Air Force flight training, to their service as military pilots during some of the darkest days of WWII, to their fight for veteran status, and to the passage in 2009 of Public Law 111-40, which acknowledged their overlooked service to their country and awarded them the Congressional Gold Medal.

WASP responses from WASP Commemorative Edition:


"What a beautiful work of art. No one could have written the history of the WASP any better.

Thank you... It's a treasure!



It is a marvelous book. When I look at it, I wonder who had all the time it took

to gather the material and then assemble it. It is beautifully done!



What an incredible book! My goodness, what a huge labor it was and how interesting and beautiful,

and what a tribute to the WASP!! I am SO impressed. Thank you so much for doing that for all of us 'posterity'

as well as our moms, and thank you for your very sweet inscription in the front. I am SO PROUD OF YOU!


Way to go!! You've captured part of history that will soon be gone.

God bless you for every way you encourage others and draw them to Him as well.



...I just opened your marvelous book. I am SO impressed with what you have done.

I am especially impressed with the documentation of how Jacqueline got this thing started.

Your year by year and day by day accounting of activities was extremely interesting.

It has answered many questions I had about how things actually had happened.



True, no one knows who the WASP were, but with your wonderful book we have emerged...

Thank you again for all your hard work and remarkable book. I am reading every word.



I have just had a chance for the first time, to really go through your beautiful book on the WASP,

and I am speechless. It is absolutely the best thing ever printed about the WASP.

How did you DO it? It is fabulous, remarkable, incredible, and every other superlative in the book!

Congratulations on yet another accomplishment for you two gals

who I thought had already done it all !!!!

Bravo, bravo, bravo !!



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