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Thank you to:


Catherine Ann Murphy, 44-W-1

For her Above and Beyond Gift


Thank you  to

Fran Hess in memory of Barby Parrish Williams

Dr. John Belew in memory of Ruth M. Belew
Betty C. Barnett,  Jeffery Potter, Melynn Calais, Ron Cameron Garrett,

 Ann D. Heartfield and  Elaine Frazier,


   We so appreciate your faith in our vision and are honored to continue

sharing the inspirational history of the WASP.



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, Above and Beyond

WASP Catherine Ann Murphy

WASP Mary Ann Gordon

WASP Marie Mountain Clark

Eloise Mountain Wright

WASP Marion Hodgson

WASP Betty W. Shipley

WASP Florence Shutsy Reynolds

WASP Francie Meisner Park

WASP Bee Haydu

Charles Fahy

James Openshaw, Jr.

Mrs. Betty Slade

 WASP Dorothy Lucas


Sister Teresa
(aka WASP Anita Paul, 44-W-6

Marzanne Claiborne

WASP Charlyne Creger

WASP Mary Jo Farley Tilton

WASP Rosa Lea Fullwood Meek

WASP Deanie Parrish

WASP Ruth D. Helm

WASP Maxine Flournoy

WASP Jane Dunbar Tedeschi

WASP Ruth Florey

WASP Mildred Davidson Dalrymple

Barby & Dale Williams

, In Honor of:

Mickey Axton,  43-W-7

Jacqueline Downs


Nell Stevenson Bright, 43-W-7

Joy R. Cooper


Annelle Bulechek, 44-W-2

Mrs. Barbara Reiser


Hazel Caldwell, 43-W-4

Mrs. Betty Cross

Mrs. Mary Jane Greenwood

Mrs. Lois McGregor


Marie Mountain Clark, 44-W-1

Eloise Mountain Wright


Margaret Christian, 44-W-3

Jim & Elaine Christian

Ms. Kay Christian-Pierce


Mildred Davidson Dalrymple, 44-W-4

Cindy Weigand


Jane Baessler Doyle, 44-W-4

Gwen and Steve Gerhardt


Dr. Eddie and Mrs. (Velma) Dwyer

Raymond B. Tucker


Natalie Ellis Fahy, 43-W-4

Stephanie O'Guin

Albert F. Fahy III

Charles L. Fahy

Mary E. Hays

Sue E. Plaster


Flygirls of WWII

Audrey, Erin and Gus Giesler

Mishelle & Elise Herbelin


Margaret Werber Gilman, 44-W-10

Mr. Charles A. Gilman


Jeannette Goodrum, 43-W-8

Sherry Katherine Dunn

Candace Ewalt

Larry Schmidt


Bernice Falk Haydu, 44-W-7

Pratt & Whitney

Al Hallonquist


Ruth Dailey Helm, 43-W-2

Herbert H. Reynolds,

      President Emeritas, Baylor University

Joe Nemmer

Steve Dean

Carl Best

Steve Afeman


Mary L. Heckman, 44-W-2

Robert T. Heckman


Lt. Col. Thomas E. Hickman Jr.

Thomas Hickman III    "My dad and grandfather and I all served our country in WWI, WWII and Korea. I was thrilled to discover what brave WASP did in WWII for this country. Will we ever be able to thank you enough?"


Marion Hodgson, 43-W-5

Judith Guffey


Teresa James, WAF

Al Hallonquist


Mary Kelly, 99's

Anita Floyd Marshall


Ty Killen, 44-W-8

Fran T. Hess


Virginia Krum, 44-W-7

Mr. & Mrs. Kipp

Mr. Rick Kipp

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Harris


Dr. H.O.Kunkel, UFAF LT. Col., Ret

Sheryl Kunkel


Dot Swain Lewis, 44-W-5

Ann Cooper



Nancy Mayes, 44-W-10

Christopher Hood


Marianne (Beard) Nutt, 43-W-5

Al Hallonquist


Deanie Bishop Parrish, 44-W-4

James Connally Flight, Order of Daedalians

Lackland Officers Wives Club

Barby Williams

Brook Williams

Brady Williams

Dale Williams

Mrs. Martha Witt

Waco Chapter, Sons of the Republic of Texas

Henry Downs Chapter, NSDAR

Fran T. Hess

Mrs. Betty Slade

Mr. & Mrs. Dale D. Williams

June Gilbreath

EAA of Ada, Oklahoma

Bill, Jamie & Shelby Siddons

EAA of Waco, Texas

Vernon Robinson III, USAFA Class of '77


Nancy Parrish and WASP Deanie Parrish

WASP Mildred I. Dalrymple

Jeffery Potter


Nancy Parrish

Belleville Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (Il.)

WASP Mildred E. Dalrymple

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brown

Current Events Club, Waco

Henry Downs Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (Tx.)


WASP Anita Paul aka Sister Teresa, 44-W-6

Mr. James Openshaw, Jr.

Cherry Hill Construction Company

Deanie Parrish

Nancy Parrish


WASP Genevieve Rausch, 44-W-5

Robert Ellwood


SSGT Bill Rigazzi, USAAC

Kim & Andy Rigazzi


Flora Belle Smith Reece, 44-W-4

Peggi Ammon


Florence Shutsy Reynolds, 44-W-5

Leah Nicklow

Kayla Yingling

Friends at the Connellsville Airport -- Pa.

Robert and Bernadette K. Bailey

Thomas A. Hill

Honey Godwin

Fran T. Hess

Nancy Parrish


Sgt. Vernon Robinson, Jr.  Tuskegee Airman

Vernon Robinson III, USAFA Class of '77


Elizabeth Strohfus, 44-W-1

Jacqueline Downs


Dr. Dora Dougherty Strother, 43-W-3

Vic Shaner

Doris Tanner, 44-W-4

Sallie Russell


Anna Hopkins White, 44-1

Presbyterian Women
Presbyterian Church of the Covenant


 Lt. Col. (Ret) Clay Wilkins

Texas Aviation & Space Education Forum


Brig. Gen Chuck Yeager   USAF

April Phillips


WASP Class 43-W-1

Celeste Graves


WASP in the Northwest States

Kristi Smith


All the WASP

Shutsy, Bee, Elaine & All the WASP.

Ms. Lisa Thamasett



"We want to thank you for what you did for our country and offier this donation to you, as a way to show our thanks." VFW WILLIAM B. MOODY MEMORIAL POST 203

"Thanks to all the WASP!"   Tracy Whitaker





, In Memory of:

Mildred "Micky" Axton, 43-W-7

Diane B. Williams


Stella Josephine Baker Claiborne,


Marzanne Claiborne


Seymour Barnett

Betty C. Barnett


Ruth M. Belew

John S. Belew


Catherine Bodez

Janet Hart


Helen Boles

Kathleen M. Meilahn


Caro Bayley Bosca, 43-W-7

Lynette Carpenter

Nancy Parrish

 Deanie Parrish, WASP


Margaret Kerr Boylan, 43-W-2

Muccio Secrest Sheets Family


Frieda C. Boyle

Captain Nancy Novaes

Janet Harmon Bragg

Vernon Robinson III, USAFA Class of '77


Betty June Deuser Budde, 43-W-3

Barbara Hale

Clarissa Hale


Annelle Henderson Bulechek, 44-W-2

Shreveport Women's Golf Association

B. James Reaves

Mrs. Edna M. Briery

Renza T. Junk & Louisana Bayou
Daughters of the American Revolution

Mrs. Marie G. Wells

Charlyne Creger, WASP

Deanie Parrish, WASP

Nancy Parrish

Virginia Dulaney Campbell, 44-W-2

Art and Ann (44-2) Moss

Helen C. Cannon, 44-W-9

June Gunderson

Bob and Delores Nielsen


Jimanne Cathy

John Cathy


Jacqueline Cochran, Director of Women Pilots

Nancy Parrish

Fran T. Hess

Deanie Parrish


Major Mandle Collins

Ms. Deborah L. Collins


Gloria L. Nelson Collins, 44-W-9

Ms. Deborah L. Collins


Rosa Charlyne Creger, 44-10

Nancy and Deanie Parrish


Kay McBride D'Arezzo, 44-W-4

Millie Davidson Dalrymple, 44W--4

Hon. Susan Shepherd


Mildred Inks Davidson Dalrymple, 44-W-4

Travis & Stacy Holland

WASP Doris Brinker Tanner, 44-4

WASP Susie Winston Bain, 44-4

WASP Deanie Bishop Parrish, 44-4

Nancy Parrish


Cornelia Fort, WAF

Colleen F. Cameron


Col. James Gilbreath, USAF

June Gilbreath


Ann Griffen Glezer, 44-9

Karl A. and Jon S. Pelegrin


Harold R. Green,
Flight Instruction, Avenger Field

Phyllis R. Green-Moses


Ruth Daily Helm, 43-W-2

Grapeland State Bank


Marion Stegeman Hodgson, 43-W-5

Deanie  Parrish, WASP

Nancy Parrish


Wayne Knight , USAAF

Noble Elwin Cook


M/Sgt. Thomas E. Hickman

Thomas Hickman III


Grace Jones, 43-W-7

Nancy Parrish

Wasp Deanie Parrish


Virginia Krum, 44-W-7

Stuart C. & Carol Mac Kenzie

Mrs. Juanita Elderd and Family.


Katherine Ruth Kupferberg Kornblum, 43-W-6

Lorraine Danza


Dorothy Nagel Ireland, 44-W-10

Jean McCreery, 44-W-10


Louise Maddock

Sharon Lee Maddock


Dorothy Britt Mann, 44-W-4

Mrs. Margaret Irwin

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wernsman

Ira Kaye Salisbury

Ms. Ruby K. Ryan

Mrs. Ira Gamier, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Geary

Ms. Barbara Lawrence

Louise Knolhoff

Joe & Kathy Ritchie

Mr. & Mrs. E.J. Stonecipher, Jr

Ms. Marietta Broughton

Greg Williams

Ms. Sandra Jenkins

Mrs. Wayne Terry

Tiny Terry

Mrs. Mary Pratt

Dr. & Mrs. Todd Martin

Ms. Chloe Swoboda

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Booth

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lau

John & Doris Sutliff

Clifton & Ladonne Neudecker

Jim & Brenda Grable

Mr. William R. Mansell



Marie Barrett Marsh, 43-W-7

John E. Marsh


Morris J. Morgan

Jacqueline Morgan, 44-5


Mary Webb Nicholson, ATA

Julie Nicholson Goetsch


Francie Meisner Park, 44-W-10

Marjorie Rees, 44-1

Millicent Young, 44-10

Charlyne Creger, 44-10


Lt. Col. William Allison (Bill) Parrish, USAF, Ret.

William B. Stewart, Jr. CPA

Mr. & Mrs. Dale D. Williams

Nancy Parrish


Sister Teresa, OCD  aka WASP Anita Paul, 44-W-6

Stephanie Carpentieri

Amy Leong

Nancy and Deanie Parrish


Col. John E. Petach  A.V.G. Flying Tigers

Joseph L. Fusco

Ruth Reece Phillips, 44-W-10

Charlyne Creger, 44-10

Helen F. Barrick Pittenger, 43-W-7

David Frank Pittenger

Clifford Rose, RAF

Victoria Rose


Margaret Ray Ringenberg, 43-5

Marsha Wright Ringenberg


Dorothy Ritscher, 44-W-5

David and Tania Walters

Louise Sousoures

Masuo Robinson

Tokie Takemaura

Dolly McLain

Michael and Claudia Meleyco

Suzanne Stone

Marianne A. Manuel

Earl & Patricia Schmidt

Jacqueline Dedona

Doray Vail

Jane Prince

Joyce Jordan

Amy Tsai

Mike & Juliet Vadvilavich

Donna Kane

Jane M. Burton

Fred & Alice Bernathal

Stanley & Lorraine Green


2nd. Lt. Robert C. Robinson
332nd Ftr Group

KIA March 24, 1945

Vernon Robinson III, USAFA Class of '77


Adela Riek Scharr, WAF

Col. Dwight H. Helmuth

 Muriel L. "Mimi" Lindstrom Segall, 44-2

Melynn Calais

L.D. Lindy Segall

Evelyn Genevieve Sharp, WAC

Col. Dwight H. Helmuth


Evelyn Sharp, WAF

John Babcock


Winifred A. Schulz-Smith 44-W-7T

Sherri Siegel


 Kaddy Steele, 43-W-7

Pat Jernigan, Col. USA-Ret.


Juliette "Julie" Jenner Stege, 44-W-3

Evelyn Stefansson Nef

Jo & Del Davis

Dorothy B. White

Steven E. Becker


Shirley Slade Teer, 43-W-5

Marion Hodgson, 43-5

George & Candy Robertson

Braxton and Sandy (43-5) Thompson


Mary Elizabeth Trebing, 43-W-4

William O. Trebing


Sgt. Arthur Williams, Sr  Tuskegee Airman

Vernon Robinson III, USAFA Class of '77


Barby Anna Parrish Williams,
WASP Champion

Deanie Parrish, WASP

 Nancy Parrish

Fran Hess


, WASP Contributions


Micky AxtonSusie BainEdna BishopRuth BrownMarion BrownMickey BrownAnnelle BulecheckHazel CaldwellMildred CaldwellMargaret ChristianMillie ChristiansenMarie Mountain ClarkCharlyne CregerJane L. CunninghamJane DoyleMillie Davidson DalrympleKay D'ArezzoDorothy EbyPeggie EcclesDoty EganNatalie Ellis FahyToby (Phyllis) FelkerBetty FernandesRuth FloryMaxine FlournoyDoris L. GarrisonMargaret W. GilmanJeannette GoodrumLillian GoodmanMary Ann GordonPenny HalbergDoris J. HamakerMarion HanrahanElaine D. HarmonBernice F. HayduNan HazeltineGloria W. HeathBarbara HeinrichRuth Dailey HelmMarion HodgsonAnn HoladayJeanette Kapus.Virginia B. KrumAnne E. LesnikowskiDorothy Lucas   

Murial MartinJean McCreeryMadge Moore.Annabelle MossCatherine Ann MurphyAnne NoggleGeri NymanRose PalmerSue ParishFrancie Meisner ParkDeanie Bishop ParrishAnita Paul (AKA Sister Teresa)Betty PfisterGenevieve RauschMarjorie ReesFlorence (Shutsy) ReynoldsMuriel Rath ReynoldsHelen RowndCarol SelfridgeDawn Seymour.Betty ShipleyJanet Lee SimpsonBarry SmithGayle SnellKaddy SteeleDot Swain.Doris TannerJane TedeshiSandy ThompsonMary Jo TiltonRosina ToddDoris TracyMargaret Anne TunnerBetty TurnerMary VandeventerMartha L.VolkomenerDoris WantyFlorine WatsonRita D. WebsterJo WheelisRita M. WischmeyerLucille WiseWinifred Wood.Frankie YearwoodMillie Young

, Individual Contributions

Ron Cameron Garrett

L.D. Lindy Segall

Jeanne Godwin

Basil P. Spyropoulos

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Sky Venture Productions--John Mackay

Anne D. Heartfield

Elaine Frazier

William W. Skinner

Thomas Grimm

William Norred

Col. and Mrs. Jack Barta

John Markle, Jr.

Col. & Mrs. Wayne C. King

Twin Jalanugraha

Bill Lawler

Mr. John T. Zumwalt

Capt. Glenn C. Miller

Charlene M. Jones

Jim Skinner

Marylou Bernase

Mr.T.C. Jones

Ms. Grace F. Hilliard

Shelley Pierce-Weege

Barry J. Smith

Robert Earl Toliver

Jonathan White

Susan Morrison

Brook Williams Henry

Jeffery Potter

Thomas G. Stevenson Jr.

Dwight H. Helmuth

Clariss L. Hale

Barbara J. Hale

Tzu Mahan

Glenn Brasch

Elaine Mann

Judith Guffey

Thomas Grimm

Betty Vinson

Ms. Celeste G. Graves

Jonathan and Jeanne White

Russ T. Alsobrook

Kristi Smith

Jennifer Deelaney

Par Avion Ltd.

Bambi Greene

B/Gen (Ret.) and Mrs. Lawrence N. Gordon

Capt. Samuel and Capt. Wendy McNiel

Peter Theiler

Andrew L. Smith

Charlene E. Norall

Cindy Weigland

Janet W. Moffat

Jim and Liz Lancaster

Lisa Thamasett

Janice Watson

Alfred Lustig

CDR. Ronald B. James, USN (Ret)

, Corporate Contributions & Grants



























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